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About Laguna Clay Company
Laguna Clay Company's history is deeply rooted in clay. Jon Brooks, the company's president, learned the science of clay and glaze chemistry from his geologist father who developed several of the mines from which Laguna's raw materials are still mined today. Jon combined this scientific education with two other critical ingredients—a love for clay which he gleaned from his mother and father who were prominent Laguna Beach, California potters in the 1960's and 1970's, and Jon's own passion for business. The results—a kid who, at the age of 7, was developing his own clay formulas; at the age of 9 was throwing (and selling!) award winning pots, and sculpting clay clowns for southern California interior designers; and a few short years later was developing one of the most successful ceramic supply businesses in the country.

Laguna Clay had its inception in 1976. Since that time Laguna has worked closely with industrial, commercial, educational and individual customers to serve their specific needs while providing the broadest possible selection of materials, supplies and equipment. The asset purchases of Mineral Ceramic Products, S. Paul Ward, Westwood Ceramic Supply, Pacifica Potter's Wheels, Miller Ceramic Supply and Thorley Refractories have seen the company grow from a local pottery supply house to an international ceramic supplier.

With each successive step, Jon Brooks and Laguna Clay Company have expanded their product line while continually adding respected personnel with expertise in clay and glaze research and development, customer service and sound business skills. What started as one man's hope and passion has evolved into manufacturing facilities in City of Industry, CA, Byesville, OH and Oviedo, FL.

Many factors have contributed to Laguna's growth, but perhaps the most significant is the vision of the young man who, at the ripe old age of 9, sold his pottery on the sidewalk outside the Laguna Beach, California Art Museum just because he loved to work with clay.
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