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Featured Artists: Submissions

Laguna is interested in how our customers are using our products and equipment. The amazing innovation and astounding skill in the use of the regional clay bodies, nontoxic glazes and durable equipment we offer is extremely diverse. We are using the form below to gather images BUT if the form doesn't confirm your submission, please delete some of the files and do two submissions OR mail a CD to the address at the bottom of the page. Don't let us miss out on your unique creations.

The form on this page requires that you enter the following:
  • Your name or your studio name
  • Your email address
  • Your web site address if you'd like us to link to it
  • The images you send may be used on our web site if you mark the web permission box and will be considered for use in our advertising if you mark the print permission box. To send us images which will not be published in any form leave both boxes unmarked.
  • Attach up to five images of your pieces for submission
    (10 MB total). Over 10 MB? No worries! Submit the completed form twice, sending some images with each submission.
  • For each image, please include the details about it in the appropriate Details field. For each image you are sending the following information must be included:
    1. Image Filename
    2. Title of the piece
    3. Laguna or Axner products or equipment used to make the piece
    4. Approximate size
    5. (Optional) Type of firing and cone
If you want us to consider your images for web use only, please use the form and send six images at 72 dpi resolution. At least one dimension of each image should be a minimum of 600 pixels (see diagram below for clarification).
Diagram of image dimensions

If you want your images considered for print publication, please burn to a CD the information requested above, along with high resolution images at 300 dpi with at least one dimension at 8 inches. Mail that CD to the following address:

Attn: Artist Submissions
Laguna Clay Company
14400 Lomitas Avenue
City of Industry, CA 91746
Featured Artist Submission Form
* Marked fields are required.
Name or Studio *
Email *
Your Website Address
Web Permission I give Laguna Clay permission to use the images and text content attached on
Print Permission I give Laguna Clay permission to use the images and text content attached in print publications.
Image 1 *
Image 1 Details *
Image 2
Image 2 Details
Image 3
Image 3 Details
Image 4
Image 4 Details
Image 5
Image 5 Details
Note: We recommend sending no more than 10 MB total of images per submission. If you need to split your submission into multiple entries, please use the same Name or Studio with each submission.
If the form does not confirm your submission, please send your information and files to


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