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Follow the links below to read articles and instructional "How to's" and download equipment manuals for Laguna products.

All equipment manuals are available in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free here.

 Articles and References
Choosing and Firing Clay
Why so many clays?
Sample Firing Schedules
Is the pot dry enough for the kiln?
  A Clayart posting of one potter's success at eliminating explosions in his kiln by measuring drying. A real eye opener for anyone who has lost ware in the kiln!
Bloating and Black Coring by Jon Pacini
  A brief explanation of a complex problem. Includes a list of recommended reading.
Glaze and decorating
Dry glaze- Correct preparation for
successful application.
Raku- Tour our offerings of raku clays, glaze,
safety equipment, and materials.
Gerstley Borate Glaze Formulas
  No Gerstley substitute (chemically identical) can match the delicious effects of Gerstley in glaze formulas. Try these or use the real Gerstley Borate to bring out beautiful effects in your own formulas.
Slip Trailing- get the squeeze on absolute control
of our TM639 Decorator Slip Trailer
Liquid Latex Instructions
Kiln shelves-Select and care for your kiln furniture
Select the right shelves for your kiln.
Silicon Carbide and Nitride Bonded Shelf Info
Checking Kiln Shelves for Warping
Molds and slip casting
Mold Making- Step by step instructions and tips
for making a plaster mold.
Plaster and gypsum cement- Correct mixing
preparation and procedures
Latex Rubber Mold fabrication instructions.
Casting slip- Mix and adjust the right way first
Raw Materials
Cornwall Stone substitute support - SG919 TA
Gerstley Borate-chemical composition
Primas P and Primas S substitute support
G-200 Changes
Mahavir Feldspar: Enjoy G-200
Performance and Composition
Replacement parts, installation tips
K Type Thermocouple Installation- tips and information
Analogue Pyrometer Instructions
Replacement belt part numbers for Pacifica and
  Axner Wheels
Safety and health information
Health Effects of Crystalline Silica
  Information on three different types of silicosis and what your workplace can do to protect keep your workers safe.
Mold in Clay
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